The best option for your Christmas’ dinner

With the end of year celebrations approaching, and unless you are a “Cordon bleu”, the organization of the Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve is a challenge. A special time to celebrate with family or friends, the end of year meals are synonymous with sharing, love and friendship around a table that is adorned with its finest dishes and its best food.

You have probably already thought of some menu ideas where the dishes will be up to your expectations at the cost of hard work beforehand and throughout your festive dinner. Don’t you prefer to party with your guests and just have to think about the little gifts to offer and decorate your table?

What could be more enjoyable than sitting and enjoying your surroundings while admiring the bright eyes of the little ones? offers you various possibilities to embellish your evening or to concoct a complete menu, delivered to you or in “take away” from our kitchen laboratory.

At your convenience, a few amuse-bouche as an aperitif – between 7 and 10 bites per person – to welcome your guests in the rules of art, before your dinner ready, or let yourself be carried by our professional team by opting for dinner starter, main course and dessert chosen beforehand.

Discover our menus below or contact us for more information.

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