Why call a Caterer ?

We are not all Chefs! And even if you are a fine cordon bleu, there is a world between concocting delicious dishes for a family or a few guests, and preparing the meal for a large number of guests.
Apart from the fact that it is difficult to plan a large quantity of ingredients, and you risk, either not having enough, or leading to considerable waste, you will also have to spend endless hours in the preparation and presentation of your dishes, and also think of the storage in a refrigerator, for several hours before the arrival of your guests. This can quickly become a disaster mission!
A colossal stress which can lead to a divinely successful evening certainly, but at the cost of spending it in front of the stove and certainly not with your guests.
To make your life easier, while having the assurance of offering dishes that match your guests, call on a professional caterer who will lead the dance at your convenience, according to what you have chosen beforehand.
The know-how and expertise of the teams is a considerable advantage which allows you to carry out your most sophisticated projects in terms of composition of dishes, decoration and service. The caterer will be able to guide you on various formulas (seated dinner, lunch, buffet, cocktail reception, etc.) depending on the number of guests and the type of relationship (customers, staff, etc.) and will be able to offer you culinary shows which will make your event even more exceptional. No risk of contamination, which is not negligible, since the caterer comes with his refrigerated truck so as never to break the cold chain.
Depending on your final choice, the caterer will provide you with the right dishes in sufficient quantity for your guests, will be very attentive throughout the evening and you will find a clean kitchen as if nothing had happened!
Your only role will be to welcome your guests and have a good time with them.

Why choose Catering.mu ?

Catering.mu offers you a “turnkey” service with a wide choice of pre-established menus that you can discover on our website http://www.catering.mu but also adapts to all your desires if you do not find what you are looking for. Catering.mu is experienced for all events up to 1500 people.
We have a team of professional cooks with excellent gastronomic catering skills, who will be delighted to delight your guests’ taste buds with totally tasty culinary creations!
We adapt to your desires and needs with the sole purpose of satisfying you. Far from being new to the profession, Catering.mu, it is relentless logistics, quality products worked by experienced chefs, a keen sense of sanitary hygiene and impeccable service.
Catering.mu, the ideal contact for your party !

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