“A la carte” Menu

Our À La Carte menu is served for minimum 20 people.

Some dishes are subject to change by the Chef due to fresh ingredient availability and quality.

Starter + Main course + dessert Rs 1,200 / person


Smoked duck breast carpaccio, palm heart salad with truffle olive oil vinaigrette, spicy crispy puff

Bread fruit veloute with glazed prawns with lobster bisque

Lobster bisque soup with garlic and parsley gnocchis, bruschetta with roasted capsicum and goat cheese

Coconut and palm heart with “Arduino Fructus” Virgin olive oil and sour cream, lemon juice and smoked salmon, coriander and parsley salad

Ravioles filled with “rougaille” tomato chutney, lemongrass and ginger reduction served on Parmesan espuma and crispy roots

Fish Carpaccio of the day with sweet chilli Espelette, fennel salad with Extra Virgin Olive oil and green lemon sorbet

Creamy Risotto with Parmesan cheese and wild mushrooms, white truffle olive oil and warm egg yolk

Pan-fried scallops flavored with Botargue, espuma of Cassava aïoli style, mini sandwich with black truffle. Suppl Rs. 200 per person

Pan-fried Rougie foie gras with onions and peanuts, island litchi wine reduction with warm braised apple and country toasted bread. Suppl Rs. 250 per person

Terrine of Foie gras with onions compote and dried fruit brioche, fleur de sel. Suppl Rs. 200 per person

Braised lamb cooked 7 hours

Main courses

Catch of the day, glazed with sugarcane juice, island lime, fresh turmeric and ginger, stir-fried greens, roots vegetable chips

Braised lamb slow cookeed for 7 hours, bio vegetables, arouille puree and crispy vegetables.

Chicken filled with sun dried tomatoes and smoked Scamorza, potatoes mousseline, sweet potatoes chips with Parmesan and pink pepper sauce

Wood fire duck salmi 5 hours, creamy Polenta, sweet onions and tomato chutney

Steak of tuna “mi-cuit” with spicy tomato compote, mesclum salad and arouille potatoes

Pink roasted duck breast with pumpkin gratin, mix salad and tamarind sauce. Suppl Rs. 200 per person

Grilled fillet of Angus beef, wild mushrooms and Porto jus, potatoes gratin & crispy Parmesan cheese tuile. Suppl Rs. 350 per person

Roasted half lobster tail with palm heart gratin, Hollandaise sauce. Suppl Rs. 700 per person.


Mixed whole grain crumble with Rum ice cream and vanilla sabayon

Strawberry Cappuccino with pistachio ice cream and Mascarpone cheese

Lime and ginger sorbet, tamarind and date sorbet

Tart with caramel, chocolate and coffee, salty caramel ice cream

Tart tatin with slow cooked apple and vanilla, vanilla ice cream

Papaya confit with ginger, light orange mousse and crispy sweet potatoes roll

Dark chocolate mousse with sesame cake filled with creamy peanuts

Prices are inclusive of VAT and are quoted per person.

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