“Mosaïc” Cocktail 10 pieces

A combination of 10 pieces per person, with 7 savoury pieces and 3 sweet pieces.

Cold Amuse bouche

  • Mini Pita bread with smoked eggplant and coriander
  • Bruschetta with Hummus and paprika
  • Vol-au-vent filled with seafood ragoût
  • Crispy bread with smoked marlin and mango chutney
  • Tartlets with asparagus cream and sundried tomato

Hot Amuse bouche

  • Grilled prawns marinated with garlic and parsley Curry Mayonnaise
  • Chicken brochette Satay style with peanuts sauce
  • Grilled calamari marinated with garlic and herbs with sundried tomato sauce


  • Macarons
  • Chocolate mousse with sea salt

Prices – quoted per person – are inclusive of VAT.

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